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Michael Janda
Michael Janda

Michael Janda: The Ultimate Designers Career Guide - Entry Level to Executive Level Creative

Michael Janda breaks down what is expect from a designer who wants to progress in their career.
In this episode you will learn what skills need to be learned and what to focus on in order to progress from entry level creatives to executive level creative and business owner. Enjoy!

Main Takeaways:
1) Don't get hung up on making thing pretty as a junior designer. Our job as designers are to communicate through visuals to a specific target customer to convert a sale for business. (Communicate to customer + Make sure our message & design converts to a sale)

2) Always Be Learning - Try to create some of your own projects to learn new skills, challenge yourself, and put those projects out to the world as PROOF that you have those skills and to lure other great potential job opportunities.

3) Learn MORE than just design because eventually your role will be come Leadership, not designing (If you choose to do this)- Solving bigger problems is where the value and money is, just pushing pixels is going to just cap your career trajectory. Learn to lead through practice, learn marketing, learn how to create a brief and price projects.

Value is created by solving the bigger problem, learn how you can solve the "bigger problems" and dig into resources you can get that knowledge.